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Billy Reid is the award-winning designer of luxury clothing celebrating craftsmanship, tailoring, and American manufacturing.

Billy Reid is American luxury built to last.

Craft is at the heart of the Billy Reid brand. It starts with traditional American clothing, given a modern twist under the designer’s expert eye.

Attention to detail is his signature. He considers every button, thread, and stitch. Because of this, Billy Reid is beloved by the most acclaimed fashion critics and editors in the industry who respect his talent and unique vision. His work has been called “considered clothing for the modern soul.” Reid just calls it “good clothing, made with integrity so you look and feel your best.”

His name appears on everything he makes, something the Louisiana native takes great pride in. He hopes you will too.

Reid’s goal has always been to create men’s and women’s clothing that fits a lifestyle like his and enhances his community. He likes the
outdoors and working with his hands. He has great respect for time-honored techniques and has a passion for antiques. These are things guests will immediately sense when they step foot in one of Reid’s namesake stores or when they visit the digital flagship store at


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