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Dress Up all started with a simple visit to the mall. Derrick + Danielle Case were walking through their average local mall with Danielle’s sisters and were exhausted after browsing through endless stores that all had the same premise – overpriced clothing that lacked style and the items were the same month after month. Danielle walked out of the final store and told Derrick, “This is ridiculous, we should open our own store. We should offer new styles every week, make it affordable and on trend.”

That idea led to the concept of the first Dress Up storefront in Dahlonega, GA in August 2009, just five weeks after that trip to the mall.

Over the years, Dress Up’s heart has never changed – to keep changing the world, one dress at a time. Their goal is to make every experience just that; an experience, not just “shopping”. Whether that’s online or in-store. we hope you enjoy the “Dress Up touch” while shopping with them.



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