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Drugs Clothing Store lifestyle is gorgeous and the mentality is gangster. That’s addictive. People are addicted to their food, addicted to their kids, addicted to their environment and to their phones. When you’re passionate, you’re addicted. That’s Drügs. The company is addicted to this lifestyle and it’s CEO, Hozea Massiah is addicted to fabric and paper.

The company recently did a campaign #notavailableinstores to hint at it’s intention to keep the products exclusively online and at special events.

Using Instagram as the store front for all his creations, worn by himself or the beautiful girls that can be seen around him in every city, Hozea Massiah moves fast everyday. For a diabetic who recently lost part of his big toe in a critical surgery, he’s somehow managed to make a crutch and his Kobe-like cast, fashionable.

They live by the motto, Do Right U Gain Success.


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