Gregg Irby Gallery Arts & Culture

996 Huff Rd NW D, Atlanta, GA 30318


Gregg Irby Gallery is housed in a 3,400 square foot converted warehouse in the heart of Atlanta’s Westside creative district.

It is the renowned contemporary fine art destination for discovering regionally and nationally acclaimed artists. Located in the heart of Atlanta’s Westside creative district, Gregg Irby Gallery is not your typical art gallery. The gallery intentionally feels inviting, comfortable and open. They welcome customers as guests rather than clients, encouraging them to casually and unhurriedly explore, and to ask questions about the paintings and the artists. The works on display – colorful, approachable, and livable – mirror the gallery’s overall philosophy that original art should be neither distancing nor intimidating, but made available to inspire us all. After a visit to Gregg Irby Gallery (whether in person or online) the same welcoming ethos and personable environment that defines the Gallery’s overall approach is offered. Each guest comes away feeling compelled to add something irresistibly fresh and original to their homes and lives.


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