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At Next Age Fitness, you will get all the benefits of resistance training without ever picking up a weight! And it only takes 20 minutes a week. You’ll get one on one attention with every workout and be guided on challenging your muscles using a motor-driven machine (an ARX). The challenge will adapt so you are challenged in both the positive (lifting) and negative (lower) muscle contraction; unlike traditional equipment. Tammy will coach you all the way while controlling the direction and speed so you focus on producing your one-repetition maximum on every repetition, for every exercise.

To get the same workout in a normal gym you would need a team of people working like a pit crew at a race – changing weights and keeping you safe from dropping them on yourself. Sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it? It certainly is…but it’s over in no time and you’re back to living your life. Most people don’t even bother to change from whatever clothes they are wearing! Ready to try it? Their first workout is FREE


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