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onlYoga strives to help students develop a skilful, meaningful dialogue within themselves and with the world around them. They recognize the value and significance of doing one thing very well. They strive to build each of the classes around the vinyasa method, the core of Ashtanga yoga.

In acknowledging that Ashtanga yoga is an ancient Eastern practice, they attempt to preserve its authenticity in the face of the ever shifting currents and trends of Western contemporary society. Through years of experience with the Ashtanga practice, they trust in its power to non-aggressively confront mental and physical resistance and in so doing reshape the minds, bodies, and spirits of students.

By creating an intimate setting, with a manageable student to teacher ratio, onlYoga offers a dynamic environment where both the teacher and student contribute to the process of learning. Knowledge, commitment, integrity, discipline, and authenticity inform the principles supporting the teaching philosophy.


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