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Tall Rockers are handcrafted in Gainesville, Georgia by American woodworkers.

They could have saved significant dollars by outsourcing manufacturing to a foreign country, but we believe it is important to ensure both the quality of raw materials as well as the final product by keeping production local.

Tall Rocker Company offers a superior alternative to imported teak, painted metal, hardwood, and molded plastic: Southern cypress wood.

​Cypress offers distinct advantages over other outdoor furniture materials. It is insect and rot resistant, it can be stained or painted easily, and it’s milled from a renewable resource.

​Cypress wood has natural durability which makes it a perfect choice for the Tall Rocker. Because cypress generates cypressene, its own preservative oil, it is naturally resistant to insects, decay, and other damaging elements. Cypress has long been a favorite choice for long-wearing outdoor applications such as fence posts, telephone poles, pilings, docks and railroad ties.

​Cypress also is a very stable wood, which makes it highly resistant to splitting and warping. Cypress easily accepts paints and stains, though many people use a clear sealer to bring out its honey-like hues.


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