Business Begins with Networking in Atlanta

Atlanta is undoubtedly a hotbed for businesses to get started and soar beyond expectations. The Southeast’s newly proclaimed, little Hollywood, the place where grinders, hustlers, movers, and shakers can put their dreams into action. One of the critical components to that success is great networking connections; Meeting the right people in the right places.

Two monthly networking events you can count on Atlanta Southwest’s Second Monday in College Park and East Point’s Monthly Downtown Business Meeting. Access to individuals you needed, yet never thought you would meet. This month at the East Point Business Meeting, some current and former East Point Councilmember were in attendance. You can imagine being at an event, having the opportunity to tell a council member or other high-ranking official about your business. Being able to speak about community concerns can catapult your business to varying degrees. The exposure you could gain while potentially aiding in the change you wish to see in your neighborhood, may even benefit whom you’re discussing it with. Maybe they need your help. They may have been tirelessly looking for a person with your morale when you walked in.

“Atlanta is undoubtedly a hotbed for businesses to get started and soar beyond expectations.”

Iesha Westmoreland

Atlanta Southwest is a non-profit organization representing the residents and businesses of the Southwest region of Atlanta, aiding providing a voice or backed support for your cause. Atlanta Southwest hosts the Second Monday Networking event. You guessed it, every second Monday of the month. The event is sponsored with refreshments and decorations provided by Uniquely Iesha LLC., a local Communications coaching and freelance professional writing and journalism company. The location is in the heart of the historic College Park region- 3707 Main st. College Park, GA 30337.

Atlanta Southwest’s Second Monday is held at the Club E Business Center’s Great Room. During the event one can expect to engage in fun ice breaker style games and corporate team building exercises and  lectures. Oftentimes hosts will lead an interactive conversation on corporate and business expectations and policies. Whether the individual is for or against certain practices and engaging on ways to gain but marketing ideas from the advice of the hosts.

The East Point Economic Development Department hosts the East Point Business Meeting. Businesses all over Georgia are encouraged to attend the Kupcakerie Cupcake shop at 2781 Main Street for this event. Kupcakerie houses a quaint little gathering hall in the rear of the establishment, perfect for these events. The atmosphere is fun, lively, and welcoming—where you can be at ease about opening up and educating others on your business. The East Point Business Meeting is set up to encourage business professionals to enter the Kupcakerie cafe dining environment, and casually open up about their business.

During East Point’s Downtown Monthly Meeting you meet with the Director of Economic Development for the City of East Point. For the business owners of East Point this meeting is critical if you wish to have certain things adjusted to suit your business goals. If you are wondering about zoning or operation regulations you are not privy to, this is the meeting you want to attend. The Director of East Point Economic Development will enlighten the attendees on recents events, news in eastpoint, and any other current relevant knowledge.

To find future meetings in Atlanta, a simple google search for business networking events will pull results, along with other conferencing options that will greatly showcase opportunities to further aid in the success of your business. Most of the events are at no cost to you. If anything does cost, write it off as an advertising expense.

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