Interview with Anthony Mboyane (FG Tony)

Finding out what you want to do in life can be quite the difficult experience. When many of us first encounter this all important question, it comes at a time where we are young and impressionable; college-aged youths with not much of an idea of how to navigate the real world quite yet. Nevertheless, we are asked to choose a specific skill to train in order to contribute to our rapidly-moving society, and although some might think they have it all figured out, it’s hard to really know what you’ll like or what you’ll end up doing someday. Some might end up doing the opposite of what they envisioned, while others turn small hobbies or passions into full-time careers. 

For this article, I was able to set up an interview with my friend and aspiring songwriter/rapper Anthony Mboyane.

Anthony was born in Washington DC, but his family heritage is far-reaching beyond just the United States. 

“Most of my family from my mom’s side is from Haiti, and then my dad’s side is South African. I grew up in the U.S. until I was seven, and then my mom got a new job to work for the U.S. Embassy. That gave her an alleyway for her to bring me to different countries to live with her, of course.”

Because of his mother’s new position, Anthony often found himself constantly on the move, living in and traveling to various parts of the world. He was able to experience a few different cultures and see the world before ending settling back into the Maryland area for his college pursuits.

“First, I was in the Philippines for two years, then I was in Tanzania for five years, and South Africa for four years for High School.” 

It’s safe to say that Anthony has had his fair share of traveling thus far, but living across the world and moving from place to place so often can take its toll. 

Anthony chose Graphic Design as his area of focus in school; I would sometimes catch him shuffling down the hallways with giant artboards and sketchbooks used to plan out his ideas for class. He enjoyed his work, but he also had a hidden passion that he had been working to hone since he was young – music. 

Anthony didn’t believe that rapping could lead to any future careers and faced some doubts about taking it seriously, but constant support from his mother helped him gain the confidence he needed to pursue his dreams further.

“In Tanzania, my mom had this show called the Lyricist Lounge, and she used to have connections between underground artists and also artists that are more out there too. That’s how I met Joe Legendary, Mex Cortez, Zenji Boy, and a few others!” Joe in particular has really been helping us out a lot. He’s taken over for Lyricist Lounge in Tanzania, and he’s been doing his own thing too. I really appreciate him.”

Above all else, Tony is simply happy with the support that he is getting from his friends, family, and everyone that has stopped by so far to hear his track. The messages that Anthony hopes to push with his music are of good vibes, and belief in yourself. The important thing to remember is to never let your dreams sit dormant. Find a way to evolve them and fit into your life through any situation, like our man FG Tony. 

“I like when people just go out of their way to listen, I love to know that people even want to hear what I have to say! My message to everybody is to stay true to yourself and never give up on yourself! If somethings not going your way, you’ve got to stay positive even through that bro. That’s what I’m trying to show through my music, and whatever I do.” 

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